Ode to Bob ~ He shall be missed

Ode to Bob ~ He shall be missed

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pandora Didn't Think Outside The Box

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Dear Readers,
Here is my other video! Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

lololololo...That was so stinkin' fun! We have to do it again. Have you talked to your mom about next Friday? Love you girl!

Brandon's Girl said...

Some, she said, "You have to clean Nella's the day before, have your homework done, and your room cleaned". So, I think that's a yes.

Britter said...


Moon89 said...

Hey Sweetheart. Wow! That must be some crazy peoples' refrigeratore. Who in there right mind would keep something called WheatGerms? :O) I hope you have a wonderful day. You are the bestest! I skip you.

Christen Krumm said...

Are you really going to come to my house?!?!?! That is so stinkin' excting!!

What is the exciting thing that is going to happen?